Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger defended the state’s election reform law after President Biden compared it to Jim Crow-era policies. On “The Brian Kilmeade Show” Wednesday, Raffensperger said the state wants “secure elections” and that 80% of American voters support voter ID.

BRAD RAFFENSPERGER: He’s just flat dead wrong. Georgia has more early voting than you have in the state of Delaware. We now have photo I.D. for our absentee ballots, which is what they have in Minnesota, and they’ve had that for 10 years. So what’s changed? We have secure elections. We have record turnout. We have record registrations. What we really need to work on are measures where people agree on things. The large majority of Americans agree with me that only American citizens should be voting in our elections. Let’s pass a U.S. Constitutional amendment that only American citizens vote in our elections. And number two: 80 percent of all Americans believe in photo ID. Both political parties, majorities of both political parties and all demographic groups believe in photo I.D. But instead, they go down this rabbit trail that just their far left-wing base believes in any of this stuff. Same-day registration. And they want to do away with photo I.D. You’ll have noncitizens voting the next day.