Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley told “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday night that unborn children “[have] rights throughout the pregnancy” and that it’s time to “overrule” Roe v. Wade.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments over Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization early Wednesday. The Mississippi law bars abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy and depending on the court’s decision, the fate of Roe v. Wade may hang in the balance.

Hawley condemned the court saying that it “badly damaged its legitimacy” back in 1973 when it first made Roe v. Wade law. He continued, “if the court really cared about its legitimacy, then they will follow the Constitution and they will allow the people to actually start exercising democracy again.”

The Missouri senator went on to defend the interests of the unborn child.

“What about the interest of the unborn women in the womb?” he asked.

“Every justice on the United States Supreme Court has acknowledged in past years that there is an interest in an unborn life,” said Hawley. “The question is when does that interest become compelling? And the answer is that it’s compelling throughout the pregnancy because the unborn child has rights throughout the pregnancy.

Hawley called on the court to “get out of the business of imposing their moral views on the rest of the country” because it’s “not the court’s place.”

“It’s time to allow the American people to reclaim the basic promise of America, which is that in this country, every person has inalienable rights and that includes the unborn. They have inalienable rights. They too are valuable. They too are protected. And it’s time to let the people make good on that promise,” said Hawley.


“This is about democracy and it’s about returning this issue where it belongs, which is to the American people in the states. The Constitution commits it to the people,” said Hawley. “The people should have the final say here.”