‘The Five’ on President Biden’s approval number sinking


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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST (on camera): Hi. I’m Greg Gutfeld along with Katie Pavlich, Harold Ford Jr., Jesse Watters, and she bungee jumps off a step stool, Dana Perino. THE FIVE.

Fox News alert, potential major breakthrough in the manhunt for Brian Laundrie. The FBI confirming that they have what appears to be human remains at a Florida wilderness park along with personal items belonging to Laundrie. Laura Ingle is in Gabby Petito’s hometown of Bluepoint, New York with the latest. Laura?

LAURA INGLE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Greg. Well, no confirmation, I think a lot of people were hoping to hear the FBI say something about who these human remains belong to, but we did not get that in that press conference that happened just moments ago. But the FBI certainly giving us a significant update in the search for Brian Laundrie.

And one of the things that we want to point out that caught our ear in that press conference was that they said that Brian Laundrie was a person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito. They’ve never used that language before, still, the FBI holding this news conference about the human remains that were found today. Listen.


UNKNOWN: Earlier today, investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack, a notebook belonging to Brian Laundrie. These items were found in that area that up until recently had been underwater.


INGLE: So, Fox News digital catching Chris and Roberta Laundrie at the park earlier today where the search activity had heated up. A search team member could be overheard telling Laundrie’s parents they might’ve found something.

Now this is the same area where Brian Laundrie’s parents told police he had gone for a hike September 13th then reported him missing after he did not return to their North Port, Florida, home for several days. Cadaver dogs, a coroner’s van, and investigators team all around this one section of the Carlton Reserve today, the FBI announcing that the area will once again be close to the public after it was just reopened to the public yesterday.

Now I reached out to the family of Gabby Petito and their attorneys who tell me that the Petito and Schmidt family will not be making a comment today and they do not have plans to do so in the near future. We’ve been standing here today in Blue Point as you mention Gabby Petito’s hometown. We’ve seen people come and pay their respects. A lot of people are still waiting for answers as we all do from the FBI. Greg?

GUTFELD: OK. Thanks, Laura. We are going to take it around the table. I have the first question, the Laundrie parents decided to help with the investigation last night, surprise, surprise, they find the body the next day. I’m assuming it’s him. Did they know where he was the whole time? And number two, is it possible they made a deal to help find the body so they wouldn’t be charged?

INGLE: A lot of people wondering exactly what the activity was with Chris and Roberta Laundrie, that is the key question. And of course that time frame they just said, you know, we’re done searching the area, we are going to wrap it up we’re going to open it up take down that yellow tape and let the public come in.

And then we have this development today. But of course, the FBI has been extremely tight-lipped as all of the investigators are on this case, and as you have been seeing, Chris and Brian Laundrie as well not really giving a lot too members of the media. Greg?

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: Laura, it’s Dana. You know, about two weeks ago Mr. Laundrie joined the search. I mean, if you remember that.

INGLE: Right.

PERINO: And so, did they — you probably don’t know the answer to this, but I would be curious if they went to this spot.

INGLE: Well, these investigators asked Chris Laundrie to take them to trail heads and areas that they would know that Brian had been to before. You know, show us around, what did he like to do? And we weren’t sure what that all meant, and when we saw Chris Laundrie go in in that golf cart being, you know, zinging around with investigators we weren’t sure what to make of it, did he point them in this direction?

We have been hearing a lot about the water levels that have gone down in just the 24 hours that led investigators to this discovery today. Again, a backpack and a notebook believed to be Brian Laundrie’s found near this human remains, again, they’re not making an identification at this point, Dana.

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Laura, Katie Pavlich here. I wanted to ask you about kind of this timeline and the excruciating waiting that the family and her friends in her hometown have been going through. Gabby Petito was reported missing by her family on September 11th, it’s now October 20th, so can you talk about what you’re seeing and what people are looking for in terms of trying to at least get some closure here?

INGLE: Yes, you know, we were here just two weeks ago interviewing the four parents of Gabby Petito, her mother Nicole and stepfather Jim who live here in Blue Point. Her father Joe who lives in Florida along with his wife Tara, we interviewed all four of them.

And the one consistent thing they said was that they were really hoping that Brian Laundrie and still hoping that Brian Laundrie would be found alive. They have questions. They want to know what happened on that cross- country road trip in Wyoming. They want answers. And not only that, of course, if he is found to be responsible, they want justice for Gabby.

GUTFELD: Jesse, I know you don’t have a question, but you have a thought.

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: My thought is the parents are guilty as seen and they are involved in a conspiracy to cover up their culpability in this case. The guy comes home without his fiance and the parents take him camping. And on the camping trip on the way back, they go buy cell phones, they all go buy cell phones. Now the cops look at the cell phones they didn’t have any evidence on them, but did they also buy burner phones?

Did they buy a solar charger, because it appears like the parents were in communication with this guy, Brian, possibly with the burner phones through the attorney, the attorney is a dirty attorney, he’s crooked obviously, and if the Brian guy calls the attorney, the attorney then tells the parents what’s going on with Brian. It’s privilege confidential information you can’t tap it. You can’t even ask any questions about it.

So maybe they don’t hear from Brian for a while, maybe he’s out there and it just so happens you nailed that, Greg, the one time both parents go out looking, they happen to stumble upon personal items. We are hearing that probably was a gator that got dirty Laundrie in that little swamp, we don’t know yet, we’re going to wait to see.

But they could hit him with a slew of charges the parents here, you have accessory after the fact this murder committed on federal land, you heard them use the word murder now.

That is, whoever knowing that the defense against the United States has been committed receives, relieves comforts for assist the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension trial or punishment, your accessory after the fact that’s in a murder case that’s 15 years right there.

You could do harboring, you could do obstruction if they destroyed any evidence, aiding and abetting, accessory to unlawful play, I would lean so hard on these parents. It’s obviously they know something and they have been hiding it. And the family of Gabby deserves justice, and if that’s what justice means, so be it.

GUTFELD: Harold, what are your thoughts?

HAROLD FORD, JR., FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Just one question for Laura if she’s still there. Harold Ford, Laura. Are there any other persons of interest, the only person that we’ve heard just publicly consuming these awful, awful stories that Brian Laundrie was the person of interest, are there any other leads or people that the FBI or any law enforcement might be targeting or might have targeted?

INGLE: Yes. No, they have only said that Brian Laundrie was a person of interest, and I do want to note that in today’s press conference and all throughout this investigation they have repeatedly, agents have repeatedly said they still want people to come forward.

You may hear this news today and say well, there were remains that were found in Florida, they are still looking for people to come forward. You know, we’ve heard about all these witnesses that saw the couple fight, Brian and Gabby, along way of their summer trip, they’re still looking for information if anybody saw anything to come forward and help them kind of piece this altogether.

But to answer your question, no, no other persons of interest have been identified.

GUTFELD: Thanks, Laura. Great job. Straight ahead, the crime wave reaching a disturbing new point. A woman raped on a train while witnesses filmed it instead of calling the cops.


WATTERS (on camera): the crime wave in America taking a horrific new turn that could be the culmination of the left’s policies. Outrage growing after a brutal rape of a woman on a train outside Philadelphia. Police say other commuters took out their phones and recorded it instead of calling 911.

The victim was reportedly harassed for over 40 minutes and traveled 27 stops before the suspect was arrested. The other passengers who did nothing could reportedly be charged and as you can imagine local authorities are furious.


THOMAS J. NESTEL III, CHIEF, SEPTA TRANSIT POLICE: People were holding their phone up in the direction of this woman being attacked. What we want everyone to be is angry, disgusted, and join us in being resolute to continue to make the system safe.

When they see inappropriate behavior, behavior that you would not want your 10-year-old to see, call the police. Call 911.


WATTERS (on camera): The details of the story get even worse. The suspect is an illegal immigrant with a very long rap sheet, he overstayed his student visa and then rock up multiple arrests and two misdemeanors convictions including pleading guilty to a sexual abuse misdemeanor in 2017. He was then put in immigration detention in 2018 but was never deported.

So we’ll get to the immigration thing in a second, Greg, but what does it tell you about the culture of this country that this could happen?

GUTFELD: Well, I have — I’m not going to — I’m going to take a broad brush to the country, because we are disgusted by this which is good. What if we weren’t disgusted. Everybody — everybody is disgusted by the story, so that’s a good sign.

But it’s not just about the ghoulish thug, it’s about the D.A.’s and the judges who could have prevented this, who could have kept this guy behind bars or sent him back out. And this is not an isolated occurrence. We are having these wake-up calls every week now.

We got more wakeup calls in the Motley Crue and no — nothing changes. We had the father of a rape victim get arrested because he was pointing out the rapist was — had been free to assault his daughter after previously assaulting somebody else. That was in Loudon County.

We had a woman murdered by her ex after he was released after beating her up, that was in Virginia. Again, another left-wing D.A. responsible. You have mentally ill and drug addicted individuals beating up elderly people in Manhattan, often saying very hateful things, right, but that doesn’t register in legacy media because it’s not the right skin color.

Instead, in New York City racism has been declared a public health crisis, right? But racism isn’t going around raping people, it didn’t kill the Filipino nurse in Times Square, it didn’t bash Asian women in the subway.

The only crime that racism fuels is a deliberate ignorance of this rising homicide and rising crime rates by guilty white leftist leaders. That’s where the racism in. And we got to stop this man because I don’t — I just don’t know how a country can survive when we basically look at lawlessness as a weather pattern.

WATTERS: Yes. To Greg’s point, Dana, you had an immigration judge after the sexual assault said yes, deport the guy and then on appeal, another panel said no, he gets to stay. And then after the drug conviction, the sexual assault conviction two more arrests in Philadelphia, sanctuary city, so he gets to stay.

PERINO: And it’s — this has been like one of the most disturbing things I’ve had to report on for a while. We did the story this morning with Judge Jeanine and she had some excellent points about this. One of them is that you put yourself in her shoes, so not only issue being harassed by this guy, groped by the guy, and then raped by the guy, her clothes torn off.

And there are people all around and they don’t do anything. So, she has the crime of the rape, the violence of that, but also she would have seen that nobody did anything. And I’m trying to put myself in their shoes. Like I have not witnessed a crime where I would’ve been asked or been compelled to do something, you’d like to think that you would.

I don’t understand — and when you talk about the culture, this seemed to me like something that you might only see somebody with a sick mind come up within Hollywood. But it’s reality. The other thing is this woman when she gets to the point where she feels like she can do something like this, I think she should sue the federal government, because he should have been deported multiple times and she deserves restitution.

WATTERS: She does, and they don’t even have to be a hulking masculine hero on that train, you are not asking for that. You are asking for 911, this is the train, this is the time, that’s all you need to do and they didn’t do it.

FORD: This was maybe a sickening story that anyone could imagine and have to see. You almost, to your point, it sounded incredulous hearing it. We see more obsessed with making videos —


FORD: — and having it displayed on or putting it on TikTok or Instagram or whatever it might be than this. We were altogether, you were kind to have me on 9/11 and we sometimes forget that one of those planes were taken down —


FORD: — by a group of Americans who decided that we were not going to let this plane crashing to the White House or the capital.


FORD: They gave their lives. All you have to do was call the police. It is — it’s a reflection on us as a society. You’re right, Greg, we — our outrage is the right thing, it was the right response, but I can’t get beyond how 40 minutes, how do you see another human being in front of you and not throw yourself to try to be — to try to stop it?

We’re saying call the police. I don’t know how you don’t stop it. There were enough of them to try to stop it.


FORD: So, it’s hard to comment, I just can’t imagine. You know, the thinking of culture for something like this it’s hard to describe. The pain and the fact that we have to look at something like that.

WATTERS: Yes. What does it say psychologically that everybody just wanted to be a social media producer, Katie?

PAVLICH: Yes. To me, obviously, and everybody here and most people who read this say it’s very clear the difference between right and wrong in the scenario.


PAVLICH: But clearly, to the people on the train who took out their phone for 40 minutes, instead didn’t see it the same way as right and wrong. And you’re right, it wasn’t just one person at late at night on the train where this is happening and maybe they would be in danger if they stepped in or maybe another woman on the train car and she was terrified.

There were 10 people on the train car who did absolutely nothing. And if you look back at his track record, his rap sheet both in the local law enforcement level, the federal level, we’re turning into a society in these cities where the D.A.’s don’t prosecute people of compounding this idea that criminality is OK for whatever reason.

Why wasn’t he deported? Was it a technicality? Was it for a politically correct reason? Why was he back on the street after committing crimes in the past and yet he is still here? And you know, that is something you look around and people say, why would they call the cops and the cops can’t do anything? Because that’s what happens next.


PERINO: Wouldn’t you love to ask Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do you think he should have been deported?

PAVLICH: Right. It’s a great question.

PERINO: Like I would love to — do you think this guy should have been deported?


GUTFELD: You don’t — and also at some point there has to be a cultural like an entertainment media shift towards the revulsion. In the early ’70s it wasn’t until like Hollywood like started doing movies like “Death Wish.” There was about where vigilantism suddenly became like that was the scary thing.

It almost — like is that what we have to wait for, for a Bernie gets incident like that for people to actually car? Because people are going to be left. If the police aren’t around and no one is doing anything, what you do have left?

WATTERS: That’s true.

FORD: The story would be different if they call the police and come.


FORD: We have inhumane and brutality in our society for years. This here is a different kind of story. I cannot imagine not calling the police or not trying to help an innocent woman —


PERINO: Just throwing your phone at his head or something.

WATTERS: And if anybody here had gone to another country and been arrested, not once, twice, three, but four times —


WATTERS: — we would never be allowed to stay, only in America.

Straight ahead, a desperate Joe Biden trying to sell his socialist agenda while his poll numbers crater.


PERINO (on camera): President Biden is about to speak in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is trying to sell the public on his trillion- dollar spending plans, but new poll numbers show that not many Americans are buying into it.

His approval rating now sinking to just 37 percent. And the independents who carried him to victory are souring as well with 56 percent now disapproving of the job he is doing.

And crises continue to pile up for the White House. Recorded bottlenecks in the supply chain along with inflation distressing Americans as the prices of food and gas continue to soar and then there are shortages like in Colorado where they don’t have enough food for the school lunches leading other problems that’s happening across the country.

Harold, why is President Biden traveling to Scranton, Pennsylvania, to make the sales pitch? He already has the senators of Delaware on board, they are going to say yes. We don’t have a job shortage in America, we have other problems, but yet he is just going to go to Scranton.

FORD: It’s home for him, I think he is able to convey the message and it’s an all-Americana surrounding. But your point is — your point I take well and I think it’s broader. They are facing a lot of headwinds here. They need a win.

It is interesting to me that there are some Democrats who are trying to provide a path including Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. And it seems as if even Bernie Sanders may recognize that Joe Biden was elected president, we’ve got to go down a different path.

But there are two issues here. Polling and then there is the narrative around the bill, the polling is terrible and they are intertwined. They’ve got to get a better narrative. Like, I don’t know, you know, other than some of the things that Republicans who are oppose to what they say in it and what a few Democrats say in it but it doesn’t — it doesn’t all — it doesn’t have a rhyme and reason to me.

We yesterday on this set talk about I think the most disturbing story. The Philadelphia story is disturbing on another level, but a disturbing story from a policy standpoint is that China now has a capacity and technology to making this so they can zig and zag and maybe drop a bomb over an American city.

If that’s not an organizing principle for us in the country, government leaders and other to say here is what we need to be doing. I don’t know what else is. I would implore that the White House, I understand where you’re coming from and I like a lot of the things that are in both — if not all of the things in infrastructure, and some of the things in the overall reconciliation package. But tie it together. Give us some message, give us some narrative and if you can’t do that, those poll numbers will continue to drop.


PERINO: They are having a hard time selling it, but here is the thing, Jesse. With — there’s — this frustrates me so much. In the reconciliation bill what did President Biden say last night to tell all the people we got to make some cuts because we are not going to be able to get 3.5 trillion.

But the one thing that will not get cut is something from years ago and that’s the increase subsidies for Obamacare. So, what happens is you give, as progressives, like you give an inch because you know you are going to get the mile later on because those programs never go away.

WATTERS: The country has a very short attention span. Everyone is really busy. And if you are going to sell something, if you are a salesman, a politician, anybody, you have a window to sell and it has to be simple. You have to tax cuts, Obamacare. That’s it, right? It has to be clean, simple, and convincing. And Joe Biden hasn’t done that.

He has two things. He has infrastructure, no one knows what that is, and he has reconciliation, more people don’t know what that is. No one knows what the word is.

PERINO: Build back better is not doing it for you.

WATTERS: And no one knows what is in the reconciliation bill. So, he has taken two things, it’s too complicated and people are now obsessed over the price tag and the process instead of what am I getting as an American citizen that you’re trying to sell to me. Instead of one thing, like tax cuts or Obamacare, he has out every single thing liberals have always wanted to do into one pot.

Amnesty for 10 million illegals, tax hikes, green new deal. It’s IRS, it’s too much for people to keep track of, so he’s not able to close it. And now it doesn’t meet the moment, because what do we need windmills for right now when people are caring about COVID, the economy, and illegal immigration? Those are the top three concerns of the American people.

And you’re talking about universal day care? Would you trust a baby with the federal government? No. And the program is not going to get off the ground in what, two years, three years? A tax cut for a child credit. tax cut. No one is going to give Joe Biden credit for. That no one feels that. If you see a wall, you see a wall. ObamaCare, we went online and we bought it. Say what you want. There was something that you could actually feel. None of this you can feel.

PERINO: The other thing is that President Biden has tended to cater to the left because yesterday, they had that meeting, the progressives were very gracious and generous and said oh, he’s the closer, he’s the best, and the moderate said nothing.

GUTFELD: No. You know what? You guys are all wrong. The solution here is — it’s our fault. We have to lower our expectations.


GUTFELD: Because it is on us. It’s not on Joe. And how dare we expect competence from the government, right? The overriding message from the White House for every problem has always been, it’s on you, America. I’m losing my patience with you, America, about COVID. I’m now like, saying like, oh, you don’t like waiting in line, you don’t like empty stores, you know what, get used to it, all right.

This is the argument that prevailed in the Soviet Union. You didn’t like the breadline, don’t wait in the breadline. Starve. I’d wait in the breadline. America now has to deal. We have to deal with the decline because the government and the media is telling us that the decline is necessary. It is not temporary, it is actually deserved. The pursuit of happiness is now an acceptance of fate.

And this is how countries decline and possibly die. It’s not in a bloody civil war, it’s a revolution that is sold to you as progress when it is not. If America were a patient, they’d — this White House would be happy to smother it with a pillow, and that’s a terrible analogy.

PERINO: But I understood it.


PERINO: Unlike the other things that Jesse was saying it’s hard to understand. Katie, take us into the mind of Kyrsten Sinema, the senator from Arizona. She’s basically been the one that the Democrats are the most mad at. They are very frustrated with her. They don’t seem to be as mad at Manchin for whatever reason. What do you think that she’ll do?

PAVLICH: Well, I think that they may be more frustrated with her because when she was running for office, she seemed like she was more far left and she has governed and voted more conservatively since she’s been in office.

But she’s probably looking at Joe Biden’s poll numbers and going he is very unpopular in Arizona and that is the state I represent, and so I’m going to represent my constituents. And after the President came out and was asked it was OK to follow me into the restroom with a phone and record in the restroom, harassment, and he said well, it’s part of the job instead of condemning it, I really have no interest in kind of helping him get his big achievement over the line.

In terms of why he’s going to Scranton. I think he’s going there because Scranton is like his security blanket. You know, he always talks about it. It makes him feel good. His poll numbers are really bad. He does need to win. And for a while, the White House tried to blame Republicans for not getting this thing passed. But if you look at the independents and what they’re feeling about this, they can’t do that anymore. This is all about the Democrats.

And the last thing I would say — oh the President is here.

PERINO: All right, President Biden is in Scranton. We’ll go to him now.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: — across from Saint Paul’s church at my uncle Jack Finnegan’s house, his daughters are here and he was — he taught up at the U. And I just want you to know that Amtrak is here they can tell you that you could — you should name half the line after me.

I am the most railroad guy you’re ever going to meet. 2,100 000 miles on Amtrak. You hear me now? It’s not a joke. What happened was when you are a president or vice president, they keep meticulous mileage of when you fly an Air Force aircraft. And so about, I guess it was seven years in to my tenure as vice president — and I used to always like to take Amtrak home on Friday. I tried to go home and see my mom who was living with us at the time after my dad passed, and I tried to get home.

And the Secret Service are wonderful. They’re the best in the world. They never liked me taking Amtrak because it stops too often and too many people get on and you don’t know. And but — I off there was — but I — it turned out I was about number three in seniority on the road at the time, and in terms of actual time on the road.

And a lot of the folks in Amtrak became my family not a joke. I’d ride every day. I commuted every single day for 36 years. As president — vice President of the United States, after my wife and daughter were killed, I went home to see my family. I never stopped going — doing that.

And so, Angelo Negri was from — you remember Ange? Ange came up to me one day when I was — when they just had announced that I had flown one million some X number of miles on Air Force aircraft. And Ange comes up and I’m getting in the car and he goes, Joey, baby, what are you — and I thought the Secret Service was going to shoot him. I said no, no, no, he’s good, he’s good. It’s a true story.

And he said, I just read. Big deal, big deal, whatever it was, 1,200,000 miles Air Force. You know how many miles you did Amtrak? And I said, no, Ange, I don’t have any idea, pal. He said, let me tell you. We were at the retirement dinner, and he said, we added it up. You averaged 100 — I think he says 21 days a year, 121 days a year. 36 years, plus as vice president, and boom, boom, you have traveled over 2 million miles, Joe. I don’t hear any more about the Air Force.

But in the Build Back Better Plan, I got more money for passenger rail than the entire Amtrak system cost to begin with. We’re going to change the nation in a big way. Shane, I want to thank you for the introduction. I really do. And Madam Mayor Paige, you’ve done a great job, a great, great job. No, I really mean it. I’m a big fan. And I — she — when I got elected, it’s a god’s truth, after I checked on what the margin was in the state of Delaware, I called up here. She’d won that year too. And I found out that I won every precinct in Scranton. And I looked up and said, mom, I did it. I did it.

Look, it’s great to be here. It’s great to be here in Pennsylvania with a very close friend become a close friend and a great governor, Governor Wolf. It’s good to see you. And Matt, thank you for the passport to let me back into the district. And you know — you know, we — it’s interesting. I grew up not very far from bobby where — excuse me, the senator, where he grew up was about a total of — if you added it up, I think it’s about five blocks six blocks.

And his dad and I were about 18 years apart and we’re 17 years apart, so it’s like a continuum going down here. But I just want you to know we went to the same schools, same parish, just a few years apart, give a few — take a few years. And Scranton is where I played shortstop at the Little League in the first year the — it was put up — my dad helped build a field down there.

And spent a lot of time at Simmey’s, buying penny candy, and Hanks Hoagies on Woodlawn Street, watching movies at the Roosie on the weekend. And trying to reenact all they did and when you watched those movies, I think – – and I was told — I don’t know that it’s true — I was the only kid in my — in my year that I was able to walk across the Lacky on that pipe that was just above the thing. If you fell in the Lacky, you were a lacky. You were in trouble. But — at any rate — that’s right.

Look, no matter how long you live here in Scranton, it’s a place that climbs into your heart and it never really leaves you. And that’s the God’s truth. You know, it’s like that old saying goes, “You can take the boy out of Scranton, but you can’t take Scranton out of the boy.” There’s something special about it. And I believe that home is where your character is etched, and I really mean that.

Some of you have heard me say this before. It’s where your view of the world begins, and where you begin, and where it takes shape. And that happened to me in 2446 North Washington Avenue.

We used to come back after 10:30 mass at St. Paul’s — St. Clare’s wasn’t built until I had moved — at St Paul’s, and my grandfather would hold court. And back in those days, all the men had breakfast in the kitchen. My mother was one of five children and four brothers. One was lost in World War Two. And a guy who was the chief political reporter at the newspaper, Tommy Phillips, who was — lived on the street behind us — he was a good friend of my grandfather’s.

And all the women would go into the dining room and, on the lace tablecloth, have tea. And the men would — would, in fact, have a big breakfast.

And if you were a kid, if you’re a young boy, you could sort of wander around the table. You can never sit at the table. And so I used to, every once in a while, walk in and just sort of wander around. I’d stand by my grandpop and — and I put my hand on his shoulder, and I — they talked. And they talked about everything from sports and politics and — and that’s where — I learned an awful lot at that kitchen table.

I learned from my grandpop that money doesn’t determine your worth. I learned — he told me, and it’s not a joke — those of you who know, we know it to be true, and you guys know it — is that, “No one in the world is more worthy than you, Joey, but everyone is your equal; everybody is your equal.”

My mom would remind me, she said, “Joey, this is the God’s truth. Remember you’re defined by your courage and you’re redeemed by your loyalty.” You’re defined by your courage and redeemed by your loyalty.

And my dad — when things got tough in Scranton after the war, when there wasn’t any work, my dad did not work in a coalmines — my great grandfather was a mining engineer, but my dad was in sales, and he worked for the Amoco trucking company. And things got slow in Scranton, so we moved.

I remember the day he came — I think the longest walk a parent can make is up a short flight of stairs to tell their kid, “You can’t live here anymore. You can’t because we — dad has — dad doesn’t have a job” — or “mom don’t have a job.”

And my dad had moved from Wilmington, Delaware, to Scranton when he was a senior in high — a junior in high school. He went — then, it was called St. Thomas — not the prep, but it was called St. Thomas in those days.

And I remember him walking up into the bedroom and saying, “Honey, I’m going to — Dad’s going to have to move. I’m going to — but it’s going to probably take about a year. I’ll come home every single weekend. It’s only 155 miles.” I thought that was like 600 miles away. “I’ll come home every weekend.”

But — and when, I get enough — we get enough money, I’m going to bring you and Mom and everyone down to Wilmington. You’re going to like it.

And I thought that was like — and, you know, an awful lot of parents who left Scranton back in those days, who moved away — had to move away.

And, you know, I gained so much respect from my father as I got older because I thought about how much it — how much it must have hurt him and the pride it took for him to walk into my grandfather’s pantry and say, “Ambrose, is it — can I leave Jean and the kids with you? I promise I’ll make it up to you. But I’ll be back every weekend. But I promise I’ll make it up.”

That’s a hard thing for a proud man or woman to do. But so many had to do it.

And I remember when we moved down to Delaware and my dad would say, Joey — and all my friends know this — I mean, literally, this phrase — you’ve heard him say it I don’t know how many times — “Joey, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about your dignity. It’s about respect. It’s about being able to look your kid in the eye and say, ‘Honey, it’s going to be OK.'” And think about it. Think about what it is. It means a lot more than just whether you get a paycheck. It defines who you are, in his mind.

And I learned that at the kitchen table in Scranton — the place where you take care of one another.

And as I said, my mother — I used to stutter badly when I was a kid. If Tommy Bell and Charlie Roth and all of my old friends were here at St. Paul’s, you know, I — my nickname was Blackbird. It was, “Bi-bi-bi- blackbird.” It wasn’t meant as a compliment.

And I wasn’t very big, but — you could beat me, but I’d hurt you. You think I’m kidding; I’m not.

And — but, you know, it’s one of those things that — I was fortunate because the people I was surrounded by — our neighbors in Scranton, as well — that people stuck up for you, stuck up for one another.

And my mother used to say — and I never quite understood it: “Remember, Joey, look at me. Look at me, Joey. You’re a Biden.” I’m like, I’m a DuPont or something. You know what I mean? I swear to God. “You’re a Biden. Nobody is better than you, and everybody is equal to you. Nobody.”

The point I’m making is: The truth is, Scranton isn’t my home because of the memories it gave me; it’s my home because of the values it gave me.

So, when I ran for President, I came back to Scranton. I came back to Scranton. And I started here in Scranton. And I resolved to bring Scranton values to bear, to make a fundamental shift in how our economy works for working people, to build the economy from the ground up and the middle out, and not from the top down. I’ve never known a time when the middle class has done well and the wealthy haven’t done very, very well. I’ve never known such a time.

So, I’m here today to talk about what’s fundamentally at stake right now for the families and for our country.

For most of the 20th century, we led the world by a significant margin because we invested in our people. We invested in ourselves. Not only in our roads and our highways and our bridges, but in our people, in our families.

We didn’t just build the Interstate Highway System, we built a highway to the sky, to outer space. We were also — we invested to win the Space Race and we won.

We were also among the first to provide access to free education, beginning back in the late 1800s, early 1900s. We invested in our children.

Does anybody think today, if we were making that decision for the first time, we’d say, twelve years is enough in the 21st century? Twelve years is enough? It’s not. But back then, they did, and it’s the reason why we leapt ahead of the rest of the world. Not a joke.


PERINO: All right, so we have been on a trip down memory lane with President Joe Biden in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was there to sell the Build Back Better. We took him for 15 minutes. He was still talking about growing up in Scranton which he really didn’t do. But anyway, what were you thinking?

GUTFELD: This is what I did. I drew — like, a lot of times I drew — I thought I would only have to draw that. But then I started — I drew a robot with a TV head because that’s how I feel like I am, sometimes a robot with a TV head. This is how I sometimes look with a haircut. I look pretty handsome. This is me in a good mood. This is some alien.

PERINO: You made your own emojis.

GUTFELD: I made my own emojis. And then there’s just me — that’s just me as a child.


GUTFELD: As a child.

PERINO: Yes, you were small.

PAVLICH: You were drawing Biden’s remarks.


PERINO: I mean, we were giving it a bit our best shot.

WATTERS: He wasn’t. He was not giving — that was not Joe Biden’s best shot. Think about it right now, Dana. Joe Biden is at his lowest point in his presidency right now. He has multiple crises. He can’t handle anything. The country has turned on him, right? He’s at — the last two polls, he’s at 37 percent. His entire agenda is stalled with both houses and his control.

The White House figures we got to do something, right? Send him to Scranton. It’s his hometown. He’s going to sell it hard. And instead of selling it hard, he doesn’t even look at the teleprompter and Fox is taking it live and he just does family story time for 20 minutes.

Euphemisms and mottos and just things he’s memorized and regurgitated —

GUTFELD: Don’t forget Amtrak.

WATTERS: A senator — yes, my other favorite thing. Amtrak loses money every single year. But guess what, we’re going to give Amtrak more money, guys.

PERINO: Yes, the most ever, he said.

WATTERS: Typical politician. But here’s — you made a really good point earlier in the show, Greg. Joe Biden says you’re trying to get back to normal. I’m going to take you back to normal, right? But this is what — he’s not doing that. He’s trying to sell us the new normal. We don’t want the new normal. We want back to normal.

Now, the new normal is inflation, the new normal is an open border, a new normal is China it’s firing missiles, a new normal is we’re going to have to wear masks forever. That’s not what we wanted. That’s not what we were promised and we’re not going to go for that. And he doesn’t get it.

PERINO: Harold, America wants the old coke not the new coke. The new coke was a disaster.

FORD JR.: Look, he probably should have gotten into laying out the predicate of the bill was a little early. But that — but this is Joe Biden. And I think he is — he’s used to being in the cloak room in the Senate. He’s used to uh finding ways to connect with members of his own party and members in the other party.

This is a guy who’s by nature and definition is a bipartisan builder. He put aside what may have happened over the last year, but his whole — his whole legacy in the Senate is I’m going to work with people, and I think he still has that.

Now, I wish he would have gotten right away to — Katie and I were talking. I thought you said it very well. You know, what do Independents want? What do the states where you are trying to find Democratic senators, and for that matter, Democratic moderates to vote? Lay out what’s popular in those states, in those congressional districts.

Don’t get me wrong. I love that — I mean the personal stories, I know him, I knew Beau. We went to Pen together.

PERINO: Yes. He does have a way.

FORD JR: But you got — you got to lay out for the country. And I love Beau, by the way. But I think he’s got to lay off of the country what does this mean, why are we spending this money. Any politician has to do it. And I mean, maybe if we get back to him, he’ll do that but —

GUTFELD: No. We got to lower —

PERINO: We’re not — lower our expectations. We’re not at the fish fry.


PERINO: We’re on the precipice of trying to get the — he’s trying to get this deal done. And you have primetime opportunity here, and you don’t use it. And the one of the frustrations that the Democrats have had is that he’s not out there selling it. So, now, he has this opportunity to sell it and we’re like, wait, what?

PAVLICH: And just at a time when Americans are going to the grocery store and the milk has been out for a week.

PERINO: And the diapers.

PAVLICH: And their diapers are out and their costs are going up, I don’t think they want to hear from the President in Scranton talk about his other nicknames that he had when he was growing up in Scranton.


PAVLICH: Yes, they don’t want to talk about or hear about the fact that he rode Amtrak as vice president for 36 years which is what he said.


PAVLICH: You can’t ride Amtrak for — as VP for 36 years. You can do it for eight years which is what he did. He can’t do it for 36 years as vice president. And so, he missed another opportunity and you know, he needs to learn that. If you’re going to hook people in the 2021, you got to get the message out in the first 20 seconds.

FORD JR: We should go back to him. He might be talking about —

GUTFELD: Harold.

FORD JR: We should go back to him.

PERINO: Do you think, Greg, that he’ll be able to get pull this together and that they’ll pass something?

GUTFELD: The only thing he’s passing right now — you can feel that? A gallstone, perhaps some flatulence. We have to — we have to understand that we are — going back to the lowered expectation thing, that is realistic. He’s not all there. Let’s be honest. We got to like — you know, we’ve got to admit that he’s in no — that age where he — he’s better remembering things of the past than dealing with the present.

PAVLICH: Well, and Dana —

GUTFELD: We know these people.

PAVLICH: On this, if he does get something passed, so he gets something passed especially on infrastructure, he then has to shepherd it through and make sure that the projects that he’s promised everybody actually get done. And there’s environmental regulations that they have to talk about through the agencies.

I mean, there’s no plan afterward to make sure things get done and not have a shovel ready jobs weren’t social ready moment.

PERINO: And Jesse, his — like, the White House on background has basically been saying he’s on the phone every day. The members came together yesterday at the White House, a bunch of progressives and a bunch of moderates. They all were singing from the same song sheet, so perhaps he does have a little bit of sway with them still.

WATTERS: Maybe he’s on the phone. I don’t know if anybody is on the other end because I’m with Greg. This guy’s off. Something is not right. You put this guy out there, this is bottom of the ninth. This is — he’s got to make contact right now.

PERINO: Are bases loaded?

WATTERS: And he didn’t even make contact.

GUTFELD: I’m loaded.

WATTERS: Yes. I mean, he told he told stories that no one cares about for 20 minutes. And I think the White House communication shop has to be scratching their head like, what is this guy doing? This was not right. Someone’s got to get in this guy’s ear and say something.

To lowering expectations, you remember in the 1970s with the Carter situation. Wear sweaters inside because your home heating costs are going to go up. You know, you got to get used to these gas lines. That’s where we are right now.

PERINO: And stop being so spoiled and expecting that your goods are going to be on the shelves, America, for goodness’ sake. All right, “ONE MORE THING” is up next.


GUTFELD: “ONE MORE THING.” Dana. All right, a group of veterans that have post-traumatic stress got to do something pretty cool. They swam with dolphins in the Florida Keys as part of a program to improve their mental health. They were there at the Dolphin Research Center. They got to relax and play with the animals, learn the in-water commands, even did shakes and kisses.

GUTFELD: Disgusting.

PERINO: That’s pretty fun, I think. That was part of a program that the Wounded Warrior Project called Rolling Project Odyssey. It’s pretty fun.

GUTFELD: Excellent.

PERINO: It’s a good thing to support.

GUTFELD: It certainly is. Let’s do this. Greg’s Don’t You Hate When This Happens? I hate — this is a pet peeve of mine. I’ll be driving along. I got to get to work. And what happens? This. How many times has this happened to you when you’re driving?


GUTFELD: Yes. And you’re just — you’re completely blocked by a herd of sheep. If you’re in a hurry, they don’t care. If you try to honk your horn, they just think you’re flirting.

PERINO: I think it’s a flock.

GUTFELD: Is it — is that what is called, the flock?

PERINO: Yes, a flock of sheep.

GUTFELD: What’s your herd?


WATTERS: I think it’s a murder. It’s a murder.

GUTFELD: It’s a herd of cows. It’s a murder of crows.


GUTFELD: Very smart bird. There they go. They all end up leaving.

PERINO: Clear the road. Clear the road.

GUTFELD: Yes. All right, there you go. Jesse?

WATTERS: So, people like to decorate their homes for Halloween. And we showed you this guy’s house last year. Steven Novak, he went all out. Well, he went all out worse this year. This is his Halloween display at his home and it’s freaking everybody out. So, I mean, what do you people think? Is this too much? Is it not enough?

PERINO: No, I think that he really hasn’t gone far enough. There’s a lot of whitespace there on the house.

WATTERS: It’s like a crime scene right there in his house. But hey, he’s in the Halloween spirit. So, go after it.

GUTFELD: Yes, there you go.

WATTERS: Not a real murder scene.

GUTFELD: Not a real murder scene.

WATTERS: Just to clear it up.


PAVLICH: Thank God. Lots of cops are going to be called. OK, I have a better story than that one. I will not grossed you out, hopefully.

GUTFELD: Wow. In your face, Jesse.

PAVLICH: Kraft Foods has come up with a new plan to get diehard macaroni and cheese fans excited about their food. The Kraft Flavors Club will give some customers a chance to test the brand’s latest flavor innovations before they hit the supermarket shelves next year.

PERINO: Oh, buffalo and mac? I don’t know.

WATTERS: Flavor innovation?

PAVLICH: We need this for Jesse’s food corner.


PERINO: I think the buffalo one sounds interesting.

PAVLICH: Yes. So, they plan to roll out the limited edition seasoning mixes like pizza, buffalo, and ranch. All you have to do to join the club is sign up on the Kraft Flavor’s website before November 3 and follow them on social media to find out when a new flavor drop is coming. Anyone can enter but it’s first come first serve. So, get Johnny on it, Jesse, so he can get a food corner.

WATTERS: I’m on it. Flavor drop.

GUTFELD: That’s a food that you could just start eating and you never stop eating it. Like, it doesn’t — it’s like —

WATTERS: It’s like popcorn.

GUTFELD: It’s like hey, you just do stuff in yourself and then all of a sudden you throw up.

WATTERS: No, it’s —

GUTFELD: That’s my Sunday. It’s my every Sunday, Harold. You are up. Can you follow that?

FORD JR: This is a segue. The late great Colin Powell, the great soldier diplomat, certainly of my generation, and I would argue many, wrote a memoir in 2012 called That Worked For Me. And in that memoir, he laid out 13 leadership lessons that he learned and he applied in life.

There are 13 but four of them are pointed for me. He said, get mad then get over it. Public — and people in public and private life could certainly learn a lot from that and benefit from that. He said, share credit. We do that a lot around this table, so you could take an example from THE FIVE table as well as Jesse leads us in that effect. Remain calm and be kind. It would be a lot better country if people shared that, and for that matter, exemplified that.

And perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. My friend Joe Biden probably could have learned that in the last few minutes of his speech as you get — as you get the country excited about what you want to do. God bless him and God bless that family.

WATTERS: Now, I take issue with that. It’s get mad then get even. Is that a typo? Is that a typo?

GUTFELD: Yes, I think it was a typo.

WATTERS: I don’t know if the late Colin Powell meant to say that. It’s get even.

GUTFELD: Oh, thank you — thank you for the correction. That’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up next. Hey, Bret!

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